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Cycling Coach
Master Technician
Retul Certified

I was born in: Lexington, KY 

My Inspiration:

My wife inspires me.  She is pretty amazing and easily the hardest worker I have ever known. She gives 100% to pretty much anything she does; she is an amazing mother and wonderful wife, all the while currently getting her PHD.  

My hopes and dreams with Bicycle Face:

I want to bring all the facets of the cycling community closer.  It would be wonderful if commuters, roadies, MTB’ers, Triatheletes and any other cycling groups had a place they felt they could come and enjoy the company of others with an affinity for bikes.  

Words I live by:

Ride bikes, drink beer, and always cherish family and good friends! 



I was born in: Lexington, KY

My inspiration:

Personally, I am passionate about health and wellness, and I am probably a little competitive, too.  I always loved to ride my bike as a kid, and rediscovered it with a passion in my late 30’s. Cycling has changed my life.  I am excited to be a part of the cycling community, and I am proud to have helped develop and be a part of the Think Green cycling team.  Currently, I race mountain bikes and road bikes, and I make it a point to be in the saddle nearly every day, no matter where I am. 

My hopes and dreams with Bicycle Face:

To me, it is truly better to give than to receive. I want this shop to be community resource, meeting place, and a destination! Positivity, excellence and philanthropy are extremely important to me, and I hope that we are able to promote that message, along with an avid love and appreciation of all types of cycling with our bike shop!

Words I live by:

Never quit … because, usually, the others will.


Business Manager

I was born in:  Louisville, KY

My Inspiration:

My family!  We are a quirky, tightknit group, and I am absolutely dedicated!!   We’ve been through a lot, together, and I am so very proud of how we all have grown and accomplished throughout the years.  They are truly my inspiration! 

My hopes and dreams with Bicycle Face:

I am excited to be a part of a progressive, forward-thinking bike shop that supports and encourages all ages, types of riding, for all types of people.  I hope we can continue to partner with our growing and diverse community to spread the joy of riding and a healthy life, and be a part of spreading more laughter and happiness in our community’s daily lives! 

Words I live by:

Life is short – take the trip, buy the shoes, and eat the cake!


Service Manager

Bike & Skateboard Sales

I was born in: Mt. Sterling, KY

My inspiration:

While most kids were just learning to ride a bike, Taylor started motor cross racing at 4 years old!!  He also pursued a degree in filmography, documenting daring biking and racing feats on film. He found his way into a bike shop with Jack, and there has been no going back – after several trainings, hours on the job, and certifications, he has developed into an extremely knowledgeable bicycle Technician and overall bike consultant.  Bikes have always been a huge part of his life, and he has clearly excelled in competition. 

My hopes and dreams with Bicycle Face:

Excited to be back in the biking scene and excited to be downtown

Words I live by:

In life, you’re along for the ride either way.  You might as well make it fun!




Service and Sales

I was born in:
Wilmore, Kentucky the smallest town there ever was

My inspiration is:
My parents, they've always taught me to work hard and be true to yourself. Working hard will always start to show benefits eventually!

What are my hopes for BicycleFace:

I hope to see a bunch of new faces that we can put on bikes to enjoy everything that comes with the cycling lifestyle!

Words I live by:
You might think you're fast, but there is always someone faster out there so go out and start to pedal a bike!


Social Media/Events/Bike Sales 

I was born in: Harlan, Kentucky

My Inspiration:

My daughter. In everything I do I try to express to her that life is what we make of  it and it's never too late to make a change.  I went from working 20 years in healthcare to working in a bicycle shop. I've never been happier!

My hopes and dreams with Bicycle Face:

I want our shop to be a place that when customers walk through our doors, they feel like this is THEIR bicycle shop and they know us all by name. I want them to feel like their concerns have been heard and we will do our best to meet all of their needs.

Words I live by:

Do hard things!


Bike sales/service

I was born in: Sommerset, Kentucky


Retül Fitter

I was born in: Wilmore, Kentucky